The Cash Marathon is the exclusive Invenium service for your outstanding receivables, that ensures in 10 weeks, through the provision of a dedicated team, the credit collection of at least 50% of the capital.

The service is provided to companies whose exposure, at particular times of the year, has assumed alarming or at least worrying proportions and the percentage of non-performing loans on turnover has exceeded normal levels.

The metaphor of the “marathon” came about with the aim of underlining the purpose of the service: collect as many receivables with the same perseverance, resilience and determination typical of the marathon itself, always trying to maintain the relationship with the Clients, where possible.

It is an emergency “intervention” and as such is intended to intervene in critical situations and in a rather reduced period of time. The intervention has a duration of 10 working weeks and a veritable “team” is put at the disposal of the customer, consisting of lawyers, paralegal personnel and credit collection operators (call center) entirely dedicated to the project and aimed at maximising – in a short period of time – cash flow generation from overdue receivables.

Local debt collectors are also used for the most difficult positions who make direct visits to the domicile of debtors (up to 3 visits per debtor).

  • A custom team consisting of lawyers, paralegal personnel, phone collectors and domicile collectors at your complete disposal
  • 10 Weeks. Guaranteed, real and fast results
  • Guarantee of collection of at least 50% of the capital
  • Mainly variable and results-based remuneration

Cash Marathon credit collection

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