Called in the Anglo-Saxon Countries with the term of Litigation Funding or Third-party Funding, the quota agreement is the Invenium solution to minimize your financial risks.
Litigation funding fees change name depending on the legal practices of the various countries. The most common terms are: contingent fee, used in the United States, and conditional fee, used in England and Wales.

Underlying both we find the same type of legal service: funding the dispute so that payment is due only when a favorable result for the customer is achieved.
The various types of the contingent fee are usually calculated as a net percentage of the amount received by the customer in case of success (hence the term success fee). The jargon expression “no win no fee” is often used. In Italy this type of intervention is called “Patto di quota lite“.

Why Litigation Funding?

The quota agreement, or Litigation Funding, represents a solution for managing disputes in both the legal as well as out-of-court phase – with high prospects of success – mitigating the financial risk of the Clients.

  • High Probability of Success – Situations which necessitate an investment which can be estimated with a high degree of accuracy in the presence of high probability of success, with consequent compensation or collection of the receivable.
  • No Investment – Financial or strategic positions of the losing party not suitable for paying the costs necessary for litigation linked to a failed settlement, such as a joint venture or commercial agreement or simply a significant supply.
  • Without recourse debt – Thanks to Litigation Funding the debt must not be repaid and as a result there is not even the need to assess the customer from the creditworthiness point of view. At the end of and having won the litigation case, the fees will be paid according to the terms of the agreement.
  • Freedom of Action – The customer can address challenging situations of conflict which, if upheld, could release significant financial resources without in any way affecting its credit lines and jeopardising its credit or bank ratings.
  • Limited Risk – With Litigation Funding there is no liability for possible non-repayment of the debt due to the failure of the project. The risk will be the full responsibility of Invenium, both in terms of the costs incurred and the time dedicated.
  • Greater Guarantees – The complex and thorough examination of the documentation along with the profound experience of the legal team allow a very realistic estimate of the probability of success of the in- or out-of-court action. This, among other things, will allow a more precise collection planning and scheduling.

Litigation Funding advantages

We analyse on a daily basis a wide range of situations of conflict, also very complex, involving companies both in Italy and internationally, thanks to the relationship with INVENIUM Group and its partners in 105 countries

Our funding process

The Litigation Funding application process is simple. The parties usually reach an agreement on the initial financial conditions through a non-binding letter of intent. The Litigation Funding terms can then change after due diligence and assessment of the case, but it is important that the parties share a vision, in a Partnership spirit.


Late payments cause lack of liquidity and additional financial and administrative costs. Advance payments increase your business.

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