Receivables for supplies of personal protection devices (PPE)

Invenium services, in Italy and abroad

It’s difficult to plan in terms of priorities with COVID-19 emergency.

Undoubtedly, first of all: protection of life and health, but also preservation of social and economic balances, of productive capacities.

The massive prevention and care measures that many nations are preparing will have very high costs too: huge quantities of personal protective equipment (PPE) and respirators will be produced, bought and distributed all over the world.

Every day we read news about that: American CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says all Americans should wear masks; European Commission has established controls and limits on export of PPE; Poland allocates 260 million euros for protective equipment. In India it is estimated that the need for protective suits could rise to 500,000 units per day.

In this very difficult context, in which feedbacks must be very fast and procedures simple and effective, Invenium is able to support specialized operators, in Italy but also in many foreign countries, as part of its legal consultancy activities and strategic.

Invenium quickly identifies contractual/financial instruments and structured solutions, to support companies that have to face extremely complex import and purchase processes on PPE.

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