Debt collection in China

Debt collection in China Today the Chinese economy is the second largest in the world, despite this, 50% of transactions are at Risk of non-payment. In addition, the Justice System is rather cumbersome, inefficient and not transparent  In 2018, China's GDP recorded a figure corresponding to 11.8 billion $US and the growth rate was + 6.8%. The [...]

Debt collection in Croatia

Debt collection in Croatia  The Croatian economy is booming but nevertheless, recovering credits for the creditor companies may still seem impossible The Croatian economy is booming: according to the latest GDP data the economy shifted into a higher gear in the second quarter of the year, after a solid performance in the first quarter, driven mainly by [...]

Debt collection in Dubai

Debt collection in Dubai Dubai is the economic engine of the United Arab Emirates. It has a growing market and a booming economy, but it presents numerous difficulties in terms of payments The strategic position and the abundant reserves of fossil fuels have driven the economic growth of Dubai making it become in a few [...]

Debt collection in Czech Republic

Debt collection in Czech Republic The confidence index on the Czech economy began to grow again in June 2018, approaching levels that had not been seen for over 10 years. However, this growing economic trend is accompanied by a high risk of Insolvency. According to the Český statistický úřad - The Czech Statistical Office of Prague -  the trust [...]

Debt collection in Romania

Debt collection in Romania Romania presents itself as an interesting market but with high risks of Insolvency and an inefficient judicial system. The International image of Romania is that of a Country with a fast-growing economy and an increasing GDP. If the government's forecasts on the economy will become true, in 2018 the growth will [...]

Debt collection in Southeast Asia

Debt collection in Southeast Asia The latest SACE report on exports has emphasized the increase in trade between Italy and South East Asia. However, the progress of GDP in these countries also corresponds to the increase in insolvencies The latest SACE report highlighted the increase in exports from Italy to the countries of South East Asia. [...]

Debt collection in Germany

Debt collection in Germany Although Germany has the most developed economy in the EU and the time to take legal action is shorter than in other countries, the costs for the procedure are high. This is why also foreign creditors rely on Invenium to recover their debts Germany is one of the most economically developed [...]

Debt collection in Spain

Debt collection in Spain The Spanish economy is expected to grow by 2.7% in 2018, however the fact that the signs of the crisis have slowed down does not mean that there are no significant payment difficulties on the part of debtors The Spanish economy is expected to grow by 2.7% in 2018, unchanged from last [...]

Debt collection in France

Debt collection in France Exports in France increased to 39.913 Eur million in March from 39.757 Eur million in February of 2018 (156 millions of euro). As a matter of fact, France’s economy is the sixth-largest in the world after the United States, Japan, Germany, China and the United Kingdom. It has the second largest economy in the European Union and it represents [...]

#countryfocus: debt management and credit collection in Italy

#Countryfocus: debt management and credit collection in Italy The chronic delays in payments of SMEs is still an issue. The Italian economy, with many ups and downs and surely not supported by the politic and banking systems, is struggling to quit a prolonged recession. At the end of 2013, GDP had fallen by 8.3% compared [...]